Janet has a pleasant, personal style and a great sense of humour. She is very caring, trustworthy, proactive and always eager to help. Janet has been essential to maintaining Mom's independence. As a family, we are so thankful for Janet!
-- Denise


  • "I am so grateful that we found Janet to take care of my Mom. My Mom is 91 so needs a fair amount of prompting and monitoring. We have no relatives in Regina, so she was our “ear to the ground” person as to what was going on day to day in my Mom’s life. She is very professional yet extremely warm and caring. She covered everything from helping Mom with groceries, lunch preparation, clothing changes, laundry, walks, checking what was in her pantry/fridge, errands, anything really that Mom needed. She sent emails after each visit with a rundown, and called if there were any issues that needed addressing. Couldn’t have found a better person; Mom is really going to miss her."  - Rita, Calgary
  • "I was so pleased to have the opportunity to write this for Janet. I look after my Aunt but live in another province. Janet was recommended to me by the staff where my Aunt lives. She is organized, sincere, compassionate, and so reliable! I know my Aunt is in good hands. Janet reports after each visit and sends pictures as well. She took her to the Dr for us via wheelchair transport. She makes sure her visits are one-to-one quality time and advises us if there is a concern regarding my Aunt. I have complete confidence and trust in her ability. Her monthly statements are timely and well documented with back-up receipts. The bottom line is our family is lucky to have her as our proxy. Thank you, Janet, so much!"   - Nancy Michell
  • "I would like to compliment Janet, and acknowledge the positive experiences we have had with her and “No Place Like Home”.  Janet is friendly, outgoing, caring and always professional. Our family’s experience over the last year and half has been very positive and given us some freedom while Janet assists with the day-to-day personal needs of my family. Both my parents and my aunt are at different stages of need (ages 89-95), and they all look forward to Janet’s visits. She provides a very positive experience, and makes their day a little brighter. The services are flexible and include grocery shopping, taking them to medical appointments, doing errands together or simply chatting, having coffee and watching TV. She sends updates after her visits, and has thoughtfully sent pictures of my aunt doing a jigsaw puzzle with her or enjoying cake. We live an hour away from our family, and it has given us peace of mind to know that Janet can be our eyes and ears when we are not there."   - Warren and Gale Bobbee
  • "I felt nervous about asking for help in the caregiving for my mother. As a caregiver, you feel you should be able to do it all. A fellow caregiver gave me Janet’s pamphlet but it still took me a few months to build the courage to place the call. After our consultation, Janet put my heart at ease. Janet has a bright, bubbly, caring personality, and right from the get-go my mum and Janet hit it off, which dissolved my worries. Every time mum and Janet get together, there are smiles and laughter, which is what you want for your loved one. In fact, over a short period of time, mum considered Janet another daughter. This gave me a huge sense of relief to know someone else was also looking out for mum's best interests. Even when I went for a holiday, Janet put my mind at ease by dropping me a line and a picture so I could tell mum was having fun. Oh how I wish I called Janet earlier. You are given handouts of businesses/individuals that provide this service, but if you are like me, you are reluctant to call as you just wish you could get feedback from others. Consider this your feedback/job referral if you were (like I was) wondering whether to place that call to Janet. Everyone knows there are some people in jobs with the right aptitude, or are average but have the best interests of others at heart, or who should not be in their professions. Janet IS in the right profession. You will have peace of mind and relax knowing your loved one is being cared for by her. I just can’t say enough positive things about Janet."   - Heidi Wong
  • "Janet is an amazing, caring woman who is in the exact field she should be in. Her heart knows no bounds. Her number one priority is her clients and having them feel safe and secure. She bonded with our Mom and has become part of our family. Janet's service allowed my sister and I peace of mind that Mom was cared for, safe, and having fun. When you age, you slowly begin to lose friends or those friends are not as mobile as they once were. Being lonely later on in life is not living life to its fullest. Janet changed that for Mom, and we are forever grateful. We highly recommend Janet to anyone needing assistance, young or older. You will not regret hiring her as she naturally becomes part of your family and life."    - Lisa Ciz
  • "During my recovery from surgery, I had the pleasure of meeting Janet and using her services. She provided excellent service with caring and thoughtfulness, and I quickly thought of her as a friend. I highly recommend her to any senior who requires assistance."   - Deanna M.
  • "No Place Like Home offers an incredible service. While I'm away, Janet checks in regularly with my mother, lends a hand to my mother when she needs it, and sends me regular updates so I am aware of what is happening at all times and have confidence in my mother's safety. I hope I have a Janet Miller in my life when I get to the same stage as my mother!"   - Lorraine
  • "I am very thankful to Janet for helping us out. My Grammie is so special to us, and it is so hard living in a different city. We really appreciate her friendship with my Grammie and her support."   - Brydie

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